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Are you thinking about Eloping at an airbnb in Colorado ? Well let me me show you an Airbnb Elopement that might seal the deal for you. If you haven’t heard the State of Colorado makes it supper easy to elope and couples who ditched the traditional big wedding make there way over to the beautiful Colorado rockies.

The idea is to Rent a Small Mountain airbnb or big what ever fits you best. Essentially this is your Elopement location or anywhere around that area. You can find Airbnb’s in the woods or on top of a hill with a mountain view. If your looking for the ideal Airbnb elopement location here is a good place to start

Jaidan & Nick Airbnb Elopement

Creating a day that was simple & intimate was Jaidan and Nicks ideal Elopement. This beautiful Texas couple created there own mountain destination Elopement plus had there closest friends and family join them on this special journey. They rented an Airbnb in the small town of Alma, CO located 10-20 min from Breckinridge. They wanted everything traditional about a wedding but scaled down to fit them. Jaidan & Nick enjoyed a relaxing morning with there family getting ready for an evening vow exchange. A first touch a prayer before heading to the back side of the Airbnb. Married by the Grooms father under beautiful Aspens even better then they imaged.

Why an Airbnb elopement might be for you

Eloping or just ditching the traditional big wedding can still feel overwhelming. Planning and organizing is still involved however, having a place to relax, prepare, and get married might be the answer your looking for if you want an escape with your lover and close friends. No venue needed, No extra traveling on the day of your elopement and everything you actually want to experience on your wedding day.

Need some help planning and Airbnb Elopement ?

I do my best to work with each couple before their Elopement to help you prepare for your big day. We’ll talk about location options, a timeline, as well as any other concerns or questions you may have. I want this to be a wonderful experience for you and your partner!

Don’t hesitate to reach out—let’s start planning your Airbnb Elopement today!

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