Denver Engagement Photos at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

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Being a Denver engagement photographer has taken me to some truly stunning locations across the Denver metropolitan of Colorado. 

But if you’re looking for something absolutely stunning to take your engagement photos, right here in the heart of Denver, I know just the spot for you: The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. Keep reading to learn all about this one-of-a-kind Denver venue.

Historical Landmark in Downtown Denver

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa (commonly known as The Brown Palace) is a staple in downtown Denver, Colorado. This landmark opened its doors in 1892 and is named after Henry Cordes Brown, the carpenter-turned-real-estate entrepreneur who built the hotel. You can’t miss it, with its triangle-shaped structure and Italian renaissance design. When you step inside, you’re transported to a different time and place. The atrium lobby was designed with balconies rising eight floors above ground level, with cast iron railing and ornate grillwork panels. At the time the hotel opened, it featured 400 guest rooms that rented for $3 or $5 a night—talk about a good deal!

Schedule Your Engagement Photoshoot

Couples are welcome to use the hotel for engagement and wedding photos, though you will need to contact the hotel ahead of time. There isn’t an official RSVP requirement, and you won’t be able to reserve the whole hotel for yourself. However, you can contact the hotel event manager to discuss using the hotel for your engagement photos. They’ll know what areas will be restricted on the day of your photoshoot and which areas are free to use.  

Keep in mind that The Brown Palace is a busy hotel. Aside from the hotel, it includes a spa, a restaurant, lobby cocktails, and live entertainment. The best time to schedule your engagement photoshoot is after 5 pm, after the tea room is closed. With fewer guests and patrons walking around the main areas of the hotel, there’s a better chance of taking your engagement photos. 

Inside The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

After speaking and coordinating with the event manager at The Brown Palace, you’ll have a better idea of where you’ll have access to take your engagement photos. On the main floor, the area left of the lobby area near the escalators is a great place to use for your photo session. Another beautiful option is the main staircase on the second floor and up. You’re allowed to take any photos, as long as none of the guests are being disturbed or inconvenienced. 
The great thing about choosing The Brown Palace for your Denver engagement photos is the stylized architecture found throughout the hotel. From the marble columns in the downstairs lobby, the wrought iron railings on the second floor, to the wide arches of the balconies, it all adds a stunning backdrop to your photoshoot.

Details About Your Photoshoots

Curious about some of the details of having your engagement photoshoot at The Brown Palace? Here are some things to remember about what we can do during your photo session!

How many looks will we have during our photoshoot?

Since there are several areas within the hotel for us to walk around to use, the best option is to keep the engagement photoshoot to one look. This will save us the time you’d need to change in and out of your looks. 

What kinds of props or accessories can we use?

If you want to bring any props or accessories, we can discuss some options before the day of your photoshoot. Another option is to use what’s already at the hotel. My favorite prop to use at The Brown Palace is luggage carts! These luggage carts complete the vintage style of the photoshoot and are so fun to use! As long as the carts aren’t needed for guests, and the hotel isn’t busy, these are wonderful furniture pieces to incorporate into your engagement photos. 

As an engagement photographer, what is your style of photos at The Brown Palace? 

I want couples to really lean into the beauty and glamor that The Brown Palace has to offer. Because of its design and history, I love to create vintage and chic photos for my couples. I use flash photography in an environment like this, as flash photography can really enhance the vintage look.

Things To Do at The Brown Palace

In case you haven’t been convinced that The Brown Palace is THE place for your Denver engagement photos, let me tell you a little bit more about the hotel. 

Spa and Salon

To get the most out of your time at The Brown Palace, why not indulge yourself at the hotel’s spa and salon. Treat yourself to massages, facials, hair care, and nail services. Each spa treatment is even designed for Colorado’s climate and lifestyle—how amazing is that? The spa is open seven days a week, and you can also book a VIP couples treatment to enjoy together. 

Wine and Dine

Fine dining and even finer drinks are in no short supply at The Brown Palace. Looking for a classy, top-notch bar? The Churchill Bar hosts lunch, dinner, and desserts, plus it offers over 60 selections of cigars to choose from. Excited about a cocktail hour? Head down to the lobby for Atrium Cocktails. Or is tea more your style? Then you’re going to want to stick around for Afternoon Tea, hosted in the main atrium lobby, complete with live entertainment. And of course, I can’t forget about the Palace Arms. Here you’ll experience fine dining at its best, through locally sourced and farm-fresh dinners. 

Book Your Wedding

Oh, and did you know… You can book your wedding at The Brown Palace! It’s all there for you: an elegant venue, exquisite cuisine, and breathtaking floral design. Plus, I’d be more than happy to join you again to take your wedding photos and capture your special day!

The Brown Palace is Waiting for You

If you’re looking for icon engagement photos so unique and sophisticated, The Brown Palace is the place for you. As your Denver engagement photographer, I know exactly how this venue can elevate your engagement photos and make them something you’ll love and cherish forever. Let’s take your engagement photos to the next level!

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