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When you think of Colorado the first thing most people envision are the amazing mountain views. However we also have our own concrete jungle. So how could we not take advantage of Denvers many roof tops and create some magic with Sara and Garrett.

The Best Roof Top for your Denver engagement Photos

Most of my couples want engagement photos with mountains and lakes but there is something unique and charming about being surrounded by tall city buildings. Denver has an assortment of new and old vintage buildings. The views from a roof top can be pretty spectacular. There are hundreds of roof tops in Denver, Co. Some are privet and you need special permission to access, others are roof top bars or restaurants that are apart of some one Denvers coolest hotels. My personal favorites are the parking garage roof tops. “Why”? you might ask here are Three reasons why…

#1 You get them all to your self

As a Denver wedding and engagement photographer I can’t tell you enough what a dream it is to find a locations where there are no cars and no people in the way of the perfect shot. This parking garage has the perfect roof top & on a Sunday afternoon its pretty much empty!

#2 Room for a Playful Couple Session

Being silly and fun make the best photos and when you have no audience as we start the session you will become comfortable around my camera a lot faster than you think. Running and Jumping are but the tip of the iceberg, bring a skate board or bike. Let’s set up a picnic with pizza or donuts and of course bring your amazing cool car. The limit is our imagination my friend your Denver engagement photos will be unique & charming.

#3 Easy to Access

If anything has brought you to this blog post its probably where is this amazing location. I am no one to hide this Gem. This Roof top is located in the Center of Down Town Denver right on 16th Street Mall. (16th street parking garage ) You can accesses the top two different ways. A door located on the east side of the building with an elevator that will take you all the way to the top or access the parking garage entrance on the north side of the building. Don’t freak out if the doors don’t open right away the censors will detect your car when you approach the doors. There is a parking fee for each vehicle when you enter the parking garages and a hight limit of 8ft.

Book your Denver Engagement Photo Session

Are you ready to take your engagement photos to the next level. I would love to help you help & capture all your special moments! Be sure to send me a message so we can coordinate and plan your Denver Engagement Photos.

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