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Colorado Engagement Photographer / Behind the scenes

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with a Colorado engagement photographer? There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation, maybe even some nervous butterflies in your stomach. You’ve planned this day for months and it’s finally here—but what will actually happen when you’re taking your engagement photos? 

Want a sneak peek into what your engagement photoshoot will be like? Keep reading for some behind the scenes photos and information that will help you prepare for your engagement photos with me!

Meet and Greet Your Colorado Engagement Photographer

As a Colorado engagement photographer, I love meeting new people and experiencing this important moment with the couples I work with. Every couple is unique and different, and I want to help capture this special moment in your journey. On the day of your engagement photoshoot, I’ll meet you at the location we’ve chosen for your photo session. You can’t miss me in my blue truck with an assistant—sometimes you’ll meet my husband (who loves joining me on my engagement photoshoots) or another experienced assistant to make this day run smoothly.  

If you have any last-minute questions or concerns, now is the time to talk about them. We want to go into your engagement photoshoot feeling comfortable and confident. To get the most out of our time together, and so I can snap some amazing photos, I want to make sure we have a clear game plan and that everyone is on the same page.

En Route to Your Engagement Photoshoot Location

Now that we’re ready, we’ll make our way to the first location for your engagement photos. Because we won’t be making multiple trips back and forth from the parking lot to the location, we’ll carry all the necessary props, outfits, and equipment with us. 

Working as a Colorado engagement photographer has taken me to some fantastic locations, especially within the Denver area. We may be headed to a serene lake, or settle someplace with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The photoshoot location may be far from the parking lot, so we’ll have to walk or do some light hiking to get there. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes while we’re walking to protect your feet and prevent any damage to your photoshoot shoes. 

Ready For Your Close Up

Once we’ve made it to your first photoshoot location, take a second to drink in the moment. Think about your upcoming wedding, getting married, and how this is the start of your lives spent together. After setting up my equipment and camera, we’re ready to go!

Now, the most important thing I can tell you about your engagement photoshoot is this: Don’t look at me or my camera!

For many couples, the best and easiest way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to be in the moment with your partner. I like to start the engagement photoshoot with close, intimate photos of the couple together. It may feel silly to look into each other’s eyes with me standing in front of you taking photos, but I promise you, these are some of the most beautiful moments I see between couples. 

Eventually, we move on to more fun and spontaneous moments. You may be jumping, spinning, or dancing to music that ends with a movie-moment dip. I like to lead with laughter and romance instead of asking couples to pose. Organic, genuine snapshots come from real moments between you and your partner, and that’s what I’m here to capture. 

Engagement Photos: Second Location

Once I’ve taken photos of you and your partner at this first location, we’ll move to another location for your second look. This happens about 45 minutes into the photo session. Having a second look allows you to take a different style of photos—they can be more playful, romantic, or whatever mood you want to set with your engagement photos. 

As the photoshoot progresses, I’ll show you preview photos of what I’m capturing. This is important as an engagement photographer because I want my couples to like what they see. Are your glasses catching the reflection of the sun? Let’s try some shots without them. Do you think you’re slouching too much? Okay, let’s take some photos of you standing. We can make any adjustments that’ll help boost your confidence and truly make you fall in love with your engagement photos. 

After Your Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement photoshoots usually last about 2 hours from start to finish. Keep in mind that if we’re traveling a lot to get to and from the parking lot to locations, this will also affect how long the photoshoot may last. I try my best to send previews of your engagement photos to you within 48 hours after the session. You’ll be so excited to share these photos with your friends and family, and post these all over social media!

Plan Your Colorado Engagement Photos

I do my best to work with each couple before their engagement photoshoot to help prepare them for the day of the session. We’ll talk about location options, wardrobe and prop ideas, as well as any other concerns or questions you may have. I want this to be a wonderful experience for you and your partner! This behind the scenes look at a day with me as your photographer should give you a good idea of what to expect!

Don’t hesitate to reach out—let’s start planning your Colorado engagement photography session today!


How many outfits should I bring?

I’ll usually discuss wardrobe ideas with you prior to the engagement photoshoot. Two outfits are standard for my sessions. If you want more than two outfits, let me know so we can discuss more about it!

What types of outfits should I bring?

Think about the style of photos you want to take. Romantic, playful, silly? A dress will look beautiful and elegant, but you won’t be able to run and jump around as easily. Wearing jeans and a nice top is more casual but also comfortable. 

Where will I be changing outfits?

Our photoshoot location may be far from the parking lot or bathroom, so I’ll have a pop-up tent to set up for your outfit changes.

What kind of shoes should I wear to the photoshoot?

We’ll most likely be doing some walking or light hiking—meaning there may be mud, dirt, grass, or snow. Wear comfortable shoes to the location, and pack your nice photoshoot shoes with you to change into once we’re at the location. 

What if our photoshoot is in winter?

Be sure to bring a warm jacket as we’ll be walking outdoors to get to our photoshoot location. We’ll also take breaks throughout the session to warm up, get out of the wind, and drink some tea!

What if our photoshoot is in summer?

During summertime, it’s important to bring water to drink throughout the session. The wardrobe you choose should also be breathable, comfortable material so you don’t overheat. 

How long does an engagement photoshoot take?

Photo sessions typically take around 2 hours. Remember that travel time to and from the location and parking lot may vary, depending on where your photoshoot takes place. 

When will we get to see our photos?

During the photoshoot, I’ll share previews of the photos as we go. Afterward, I’ll send you more previews within a week.

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